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We can sell HANABI into Europe
as an authorized 

HANABI uniquely contains

8 various colors

We believe you can expand the expression of your pyro-program through the mystic color movement of HANABI, which contains maximum 8 types of colors in a shot.

Along with the differentiation  toward your competitors, the HANABI can save your cost. It deserves 8 shots with each one color: 4 shots with each 2 colors.

In short, not only increasing your sales by widening the expression of your show, but  reducing the amount of the shot your launch in a fireworks display. 

HANABI is uniquely 


All handcrafted

Japanese traditional HANABI manufacturing companies has been dispatching their pyrotechnician  to their allied factory in Vietnam.

Japanese pyrotechnician supervised all the process of research and development, procurement of materials, production , and quality control. 

We are the only company that


Spreads it into Europe

We collaborate with our delivery partners for shipping HANABI from Asia to Europe.

We siverely track our products by our own  tracking method in order to confirm the consumption of HANABI for safety 


We'd love to hear your inquiry to exchange information

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