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"I want to see fireworks live"

To respond to the feelings of the loved one

Make fireworks more familiar


HANABI GALLERY keeps pursuing that and

we will continue to create excitement


​HANABI Consulting (Create actual fireworks scence)

To clients wishing to launch fireworks in Europe, we provide on-site support as a consulting service such as communication, local procurement of equipment, selection of fireworks and transaction support.

Private HANABI VR Event (Arouse interest in seeing fireworks live)

We provide original high-quality VR fireworks events "anytime anywhere"  to those who are not familiar with fireworks, especially those who want to show fireworks at medical facilities, and also for inbound foreign tourists.

We provide video content which is already produced to multiple people through events. We also manage events to link fireworks with celebrations, or fireworks with local promotions by leading event crew and creating original videos. 

In order to give a definite impressive experience, we will aim for the top quality from the video production to the event implementation.

* For convenience, the sample movie is posted with the lower image quality