How to produce 




There is the several process to make HANABI, but before get into explanation, we're introducing the name of some key materials.


1) Bursting charge

This helps to burst star out as far as possible


2) Outer shell

This made by hard paper which environmental friendly compared with plastic shell


3) Star

This is made by several types of chemical materials. Coating chemical compound, dry, then coat again...repeating.


HANABI is the name of Japanese artistic fireworks, which gets people motivated for their live.

Japanese fireworks craft-man spends over 3 months to produce, because it all made by hand. 


Historically, it is said that the gunpowder craft-man in around 1600 in Japan changed their job with their knowledge and know-how into fireworks craft-man. Their works gained the LOVE, because it turned from "to make hurtful material" to "make people smile

To get all of the people feel they want to see HANABI live and enjoy it as much as possible,

our ultimate recommendation to go and see HANABI event in Japan.